New IHSAA Rules

IHSAA has a new law for soccer during sectionals and I do not like it at all. The new IHSAA law for soccer during sectionals is that if you lose during sectionals, you cannot have practice with the coach there at all. Once you have lost in sectionals for soccer, you cannot come back and you only have two times that your soccer coaches can be with you to practice with. When you are done for the soccer season, you cannot have a single coach with you when you play short side day or days or if you practice as a team. With this new law, it is making it harder on soccer teams and it is putting more stress on soccer teams also. When you are done with the soccer season, you can still practice on your own time to get better and also to get more playing time.

With this new IHSAA law for sports, it will make it harder for soccer especially, and you cannot show the coach until the time is here to show the coach or coaches what you have improved on. With this new rule that IHSAA made for sectionals, it will be extremely difficult for the players to not be with their coach or coaches for practice before the season even starts. With this new rule that IHSAA made for sectional games, it is difficult to stay in shape for soccer players, and it might be difficult for football players also if the rule also applies to them. For soccer sectionals, it is a big deal that you win the games, and if you win all of the sectional games, then you get to move on to semi-state or regionals or whatever is after sectionals for high school soccer. If you get to move on past the sectional games for soccer or any sport, you get a parade, but for band competitions, you have to get to go to semi-state to get a parade.

This new rule made by the IHSAA is kinda confusing. The reason for the new rule being confusing is because this new rule does not allow the coach or coaches to be at short side, which is a fun soccer game, and usually, the coach or coaches would be there, but they cannot due to the new rule for sectionals if you lose a game in sectionals. If you lose in a sectional game, it is so sad or any game or games after sectionals are over with for the soccer season. If you win the entire competition, even the games after sectional games, then you should be happy, but you could be sad at the same time. For example, this might be one thing that a person says to a senior soccer player, football player, or any senior that is playing a sport, “It will never be the same without you. I will miss you so much,” says any player other than a senior that plays any sport to a senior.

IHSAA also has a new rule that prevents a coach or the coaches from being at practice until two certain dates, and those dates are the only dates that we can touch the ball as a team with the coach or coaches there. Without the coach or coaches there, you will not know if you are doing something wrong or if you need to improve with a certain thing. Like for instance, you might need to work on settling the ball as soon as you get it or you might need to work on getting the ball away from the other team. When you play a game of soccer during the offseason, you used to be able to have coaches there, but now, you cannot have the coach or coaches at the fields when playing a game of soccer during the offseason.