Fall Ventures

With the start of October comes the start of fall and semi-cold weather and the end of summer. Considering it’s the start of October many people should be starting to put up ghastly Halloween decorations, teenagers tee-peeing and pranking others, and toddlers are wanting to be that one superhero for Halloween.

Halloween is one of many holidays that people celebrate in Fall. During Halloween, people dress up in costumes which could be anything stretching from superheroes to horrifying clowns. After people get in their costumes they get ready for trick-or-treating, trick-or-treating is going around neighborhoods and knocking on doors saying trick-or-treat and they’ll give you free candy. This year Halloween is on Thursday, October 31 and it’s supposed to get freakishly cold and it might even rain, which is a really big bummer.

Holidays that are a part of Autumn are Halloween, Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day and many more.

Thanksgiving, as we all know, is a day where we celebrate what we’re thankful for whether that be friends, family or whatever else it’s a day where everyone gets together and they eat all kinds of amazing food and socialize with each other and talk about things that have happened in the past year or how their life has been.

Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated by many people with a Hispanic background the day is about remembering people who you have lost in the past whether it be friends, family, or someone you think is worth remembering.

Now with Fall and all of its holidays comes cold weather that can sometimes get down to freezing temperatures and then sometimes it sometimes gets up to scorching temperatures. Fall in Princeton is pretty indecisive but hopefully this year it won’t be.

Now Fall isn’t all about the holidays and the cold weather there are plenty of other things that come with Autumn, such as trees and plants start to change color and loose leaves and animals start to prepare to hibernate. Most of our high school outdoor sports seasons are almost over such as Football, Soccer, and Cross-Country. With those sports being over most of them went amazing this year.

In Cross-Country the boys’ team made it to regionals and the girls’ team made it to semi-state with one girl Heidi Meade a freshman making it to state finals which will be held in Terre Haute.

Next in football, Tiger Football has made it to round two of sectionals with round one being against Owen Valley, despite the record the football team seems to be very well bonded with each other.

Also in boys and girls soccer, the girls’ team finished out the season strong with a sectional win against Pike Central and sadly a loss against Jasper High School. Finally, the boys’ soccer season ended rather suddenly considering their record, but whenever they went up against Gibson Southern High School they sadly lost. This year I’d say; Princeton had an amazing fall sports season.

In fall the sun doesn’t tend to shine that much as it did in Summer, in Summer we got 12-14 hours of sunlight but in fall we get fewer hours than that its usually 6-10 hours thanks to daylight saving. Since we don’t get as many hours of daylight in the Fall that means it will get dark sooner and cold quicker so if you plan on doing something in the day but think you can hold it off until later think about it again. Daylight Saving happens this year on Sunday, November 3rd so remember to set your clocks.