The most important holiday in Haiti

The most important holiday in Haiti is Carnival, a flamboyant display of pageantry similar to the Mardi Gras of deep-south American cities like New Orleans.

New Year’s Day is a widely celebrated holiday across countries following the Christian calendar, but this day is also when Haiti commemorates the country’s independence.

Jean Jacques Dessalines declared the nation free from the French colonizers in 1804, making it a joyous occasion.

After declaring their independence in 1804, the Africans “Haitians”. Haitian celebrated by eating Pumpkin soup and that is still the case over 200 years later. Today we continue to celebrate the New Year by cooking and sharing pumpkin soup with neighbors, regardless of where they are living in the world.

Haitian tradition holds that the soup was enjoyed by the slave masters on the former French colony, while the Haitian slaves were forbidden it. Yellow pumpkin soup tastes like the typical yellow color of this soup dish speak for itself.

Much less spicy than many other similar items, it is relatively light by consistency, having a very traditional Haitian taste. No matter where Haitians are on January 1st we drink this soup!!!!!!