Boys Basketball Team Players and Coaches Opinions on How They Will Do This School Year

Jazmine Barton, Editor

I started by asking Rhett Thompson,” How do you think the boys will do this season????” “I think that we have a good shot at winning sectionals, I think. Even though we lost a lot of seniors last year. We will be pretty good, as long as we get and have a good team,” says Rhett Thompson

Then I asked Conor Bruce the same question. He said, “I think that we will do pretty good this year. We got a new coach and well, yeah. I think we will do pretty good this season.”

After that, I asked Collin the same question. He responded with,” I think that we are pretty good. I think that we are practicing pretty hard. I mean, we are going through drills pretty hard. I think that we are going to be doing great this season.”

I asked their head/main coach a question: “How do you think you will do this season????” ” I am not sure as far as wins and losses, but I know that the boys have been working extremely hard. We are going to compete and give it our best shot,” says Coach Brown.

“It’s our last year in the Big8, so we hope to compete for the Big8 title and I hope to compete for a sectional title as well,” says Coach Brown.

One of the questions is the same question as to the question that I asked their head/the main coach. “Well, I am looking forward to a pretty good season. A new coach for the varsity and bringing some new stuff to our team. I am hoping for a real nice season.” says Coach Douglis.
The other question that I asked Coach Douglis is: Do you think you guys will win the Big8???? “I would like to see us win the Big8, with it being the last year for the Big8,” says Coach Douglis.

Coach Price says,” I think we will do well. A lot of growth and development going by right now. With the boys putting in the work and all the teams we are going to be going up against.” Then, I ask Coach price a second question, which is the second question that I asked Coach Douglas.

The third question that I asked Coach Price is, “Do you think that you guys will win more games than lose????” “Yeah. We will surprise and shock a lot of teams, a lot of parents, and a lot of fans. We will be above 500 this year. I think that we will win more than losing,” says Coach Price.