Pep it Up

Pep assemblies, or sometimes pep rallies, are events in schools designed to hype up upcoming games, providing confidence in the school’s sports teams and supply plenty of cheer and excitement. Most often, the community takes part in these rallies, as well as the school band and the cheerleaders. These rallies are fun-filled and extravagant sights…only, our school isn’t too rip-roaring to host them.

Last year at PCHS, we had one pep rally throughout the year. This pep rally was televised as well, which further heightened the hype. There was the normal hoot-and-holler, and games played on the basketball court, with one of the TV station’s hosts playing along.  What started early in the morning wore through into the start of school, and eventually, all of the students and staff were packed into the gym to watch. In all honesty, it was quite a fun and entertaining event.

So why haven’t we had as many?

By the looks of it, the school isn’t too fond of holding these pep rallies, which is odd. For a school so dearly attached to athletics, one would think they’d be hosting pep rally after pep rally. Instead, they’ve seemingly dropped the idea, which is a shame. Pep rallies are, as I’ve stated, good ways to hype up the school, but also the community. That’s why they’re called “pep” rallies; they pep up everyone for the upcoming game.

Ideally, the school could call everyone into the gym early one morning before the game, get the band set up and the cheerleaders ready, and have it. Participation threw in with the games, the ever-present wave through the crowd, streamers being tossed around, and maybe even contests with prizes. Then again, pep rallies do cost a considerable amount of time in the school day, unless of course they are held early–perhaps even before the start of school.

In reality, it’s simply a matter of the school to host pep rallies. If the students could have their way, pep rallies would happen every time there was a game. Pep rallies could be beneficial to the teams’ spirits, but the pep rallies shouldn’t be used in excess, otherwise, the charm and excitement would drain out. And of course one would have to wonder–who is going to pick up all those streamers?