Vending machines dispense warm drinks

Sean Brock, Features editor, Opinions editor

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The new vending machines have been getting talked about a lot. The new vending machines contain Kickstarts, Gatorade, and flavored water. The new vending machines are located by the boys’ and girls’ gym locker rooms and by the basketball and wrestling locker rooms. The downfall about the new machines is they are warm.

“Pepsi approached us about adding healthier alternatives. The new machines promote water in various flavours, as well as other hydrating possibilities,” Athletic Director, Jason Engelbrecht said.

Sophomore, Trenton Cochran said he always liked buying stuff from the old vending machines, but that the new ones are a little weird to him.

“ The new vending machines drinks are very warm and most of the drinks are out of stock,” Cochran said.

Another student that says he enjoys the vending machine drinks is Sophomore, Henry Wilhite. Wilhite says he uses the vending machines after gym and buying one of those cold drinks, but now this year they are warm.

“The new vending machines are gonna take awhile to get used to and the drinks have been warm for a while and hopefully it gets fixed,” Wilhite said.

The drinks that they sell in the cafeteria are about the same as in the vending machines.

“Federal and state guidelines have mandated healthier standards in school. Therefore you will not see a lot of the sugary options in the cafeteria or the vending machines that are offered outside of the school day,” Engelbrecht said.

The drinks in the vending machine have to follow certain rules and PCHS can choose drinks based on those rules. Engelbrecht says that vending machines in other locations are not planned at this time. The only other vending machine is in the teacher’s lounge.

“ Vending machines in the cafeteria would be amazing, so you wouldn’t have to walk all the way down to the locker room to get those drinks,” Cochran said.

The reason the vending machines are in the gym by the locker rooms is so kids that come from gym and strength and conditioning can get a refreshing drink without having to walk far to get one. The idea of a vending machine in the cafeteria is not off the table, but we will have to see in the near future.

“Unless there is a request made to the principle for consideration, no plans are on the table to add additional machines,” Engelbrecht said.