Rocks rock my socks

Bailee Pierce, Editor-in-chief, News editor

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Recently a lot of people in Gibson County and the surrounding counties have been rock hunting. Personally I love this idea. I love that people can express their creativity on rocks and hide them for other people in the community.

There was a Facebook page created to showcase all the rocks everyone finds or designs. Anyone can join and post in the group and there are people from all surrounding areas in the group.

I love the fact that people are doing this because it’s a great way to get people out in the community. For the most part, it’s pretty safe because people won’t hide rocks in absurd places because they know children are involved as well.

At first I thought the idea was pretty stupid, but then I actually did it with a few of my friends and we all really enjoyed it. It’s like a huge treasure hunt. Although, you aren’t supposed to keep the rocks you find.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the rocks people hide because another person finds

A similar idea to the rock hunting is geocaching which Jim Maglis introduced to me and other people in his classes last year. Geocaching is basically finding a box or a bag with items inside. You then take some of the items and switch them out for something else.