Course to greatness

Nathan Tovar, Staff reporter

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Being a former member of the cross country scene, ex-cross country members are able to say that cross country is a mentally and physically challenging sport. At a high school level, everyone can understand all the pressures and challenges a runner can face.

Seniors Lee Friedman and Sydney Young both agreed that they, personally and as a team, want to advance as far past the regular season as possible. Both the boy’s and girl’s team have their eyes set on regionals and even semi-state if all goes as planned.

We have been training harder than we ever have and that is already proving to be working this year”

— Lee Friedman, senior

“Nied does a really good job of motivating us every day at practice,” Friedman said.

“Before every race we stand in a circle and pray together, which is always very encouraging, we just try to have fun with it and not be too serious,” Young said.

Racing and waking up early for meets will come to an end. Being a senior for the cross country team will have it’s pros and cons. The team likes to reflect on past seasons to help better the team for the current season.

“We try to learn different strategies every year to help us do better,” said Friedman.

Not everyone is born with that natural running ability, but the cross country team has methods of preparing for the excruciating mornings to run their behinds off,

“We have been training harder than we ever have and that is already proving to be working this year,” Friedman said.

“The night before and the day of a meet, we try to watch what we eat, drink plenty of water, and get to bet at a more reasonable time,” Young said.

With both of these factors, the Tigers are set up for winning meets and breaking PRs(personal records). Young and Friedman both agree that the most difficult part of cross country is keeping that positive mental state out on the course. Great sacrifice and dedication has it’s rewards though. Young said she believes the most rewarding part is knowing that she and her team pushed themselves the whole course. Friedman, as well, thinks the most rewarding part about cross country is knowing that any, and every, reward that a runner receives is based solely on their individual hardwork and dedication to the sport. Senior Lee Friedman said they won’t stop until they’ve reached where they want to be and that they will accept the challenge from anyone who stays in their path to greatness.