North High School added to PCHS football schedule

Mikayla Cowan, Staff reporter

The PCHS Tiger football team kicked off their season by playing a new opponent, Evansville’s North High School. Athletic director, Jason Engelbrecht said PCHS added North onto its schedule to replace Wood Memorial.

“We are geographically closer to North so we picked them up instead,” said Engelbrecht.

Engelbrecht said the attendance at the first game was about 1,800. North is a 5A school and PCHS is a 3A.

“We are a 3A and they are a 5A school so we had to put up a good fight,” said Engelbrecht.

Jared Maners, is the varsity football coach this year and said the highlight of the game, from his perspective, was when the Tigers went up 13-0.

““I was disappointed with the outcome, and the little mistakes we made in the middle of the game really made a big difference,” said Maners.

Fans were thrown for a loop during the third quarter when the scoreboard went out, but Engelbrecht said it is an issue that should be fixed easily.

“It went out because a relay connection wire to our device to the scoreboard went out. We ordered a new wireless object,” Engelbrecht said.

Maners said the scoreboard had no effect on the boys on the field.

“It didn’t change what we did, the referees keep time on the field, so it had no affect on how we played,” Maners said.

After the school board went out the bathrooms went out. Engelbrecht says he only has a slight idea of what happen.

“I don’t know if it were a male or female but one of the facilities were clogged to where both restrooms could not be used. So people had to use the facilities in the middle school.”