Girls golf looks to have strong season

Shelby Meade, Sports editor

Girls golf season in full swing, the girls are excited for this year’s season. The girls have many goals for their upcoming season.

Renee Bower, junior has been playing golf for three years now, and plans to play through the rest of her high school career. Bower said that she plans to play in college also once that time comes. Bower said that her personal goal for this season is to improve her score of 65.

“The coaches all help us improve ourselves to better us,” said Bower.

Bower said that she loves absolutely everything about golf, Coach Kolb is the reason she started playing golf when she was a freshman. Bower said that to better herself and her team she practices and helps people when they need help.

Brittney Griffin, sophomore, has been playing golf for two years now. Griffin said she plans to continue to play golf in highschool and then continue playing in college also.

Griffins score is a 54, she plans to beat that score this golf season.

“I like that she takes a lot of time to practice with us,” Griffin said about her coach.

Griffin said that she helps recruit people by asking around and inviting them to come to practices. Griffin said her favorite thing about gold is that she is getting better each time and her dad is the one that encouraged her to play golf in the first place.

“I stay after practice and do extra work to better myself to achieve the goals I want to achieve,” said Griffin.