Catch up with girls soccer

Conner Gentry, Staff reporter

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Kira Wolf Sophomore at PCHS and she plays defense for the Lady Tigers soccer team. She stated that their team’s current record is one win and three losses. Their goal for this season is to win more games than last year.

“If our team has to work on anything it would be our communication skills during the game.” said Wolf.

“This year is only going to get better for us.” said Wolf.

Kaycee Minkler Sophomore at PCHS, this is her second year playing for the PCHS Lady Tigers. She thinks that so far this year their season is going decently. From what she has said the Lady Tigers goals are to play better defense and to win more games.

“The goal for her personal self would be to play better, and for the team, get more wins.” Minkler said.

Jessie Goforth Sophomore at PCHS, this is her second year playing for the Lady Tigers Soccer Team. She is a right midfielder so she helps get the ball to the right people and then go help on defense.

“My personal goal for this season is to play better on defense and in general.” said Goforth.

“The team’s goal for this season I feel like to have less goals scored on us.” said Goforth.