Volleyball expectations high

Eli Buck, Staff reporter


As some may know, volleyball season is back. After losing three straight games, the girls worked together to get the team first win against Sullivan.

Sophomore, Emma Sartore said that for her this season is better than last season since she gets to play varsity.

“It’s more intense and I’ve improved a lot. I think it more fun now that I’m somewhat important,” said Sartore.

This season the captains are junior Emma Ault, senior Haley Hart, and senior Kiare Young who is currently injured.

Ault, who usually plays middle blocker, is playing outside hitter while Young is out. Young suffered from a knee injury causing her to miss a couple games. The team is currently 2-4, with high post-season expectations. Both Ault and Sartore expect the team to make it out of sectionals.

“Now that Jasper moved up to 4A, I think it will be easier since Sullivan took their spot,” says Sartore.

Ault said that her being captain makes her feel confident and that it’s her job to help someone up when they are down. With the new season the volleyball the team feels that they have a lot of upsets in store.