Hauger invites dance crew to teach anti-bullying

Tyler Herrin, Sean Brock, Reporter

On Tuesday, September 26th PCHS had a musician and two backup dancers come to the school and perform in an anti-bullying concert. The whole idea behind it was to get kids to stop bullying and get along with each other.

Principal Steve Hauger said he found them when he was looking on the internet.

“The state of Indiana says that all schools in the state Indiana have to have some type of bullying program by October 15, and I wanted to do something that would be informative to the kids, but also something that they would enjoy which I thought they would enjoy the JLiNE Dance Crew,” Hauger said.

He said he searched for people that do anti-bullying performances and he came upon JLiNE.

They happened to be near the area so Hauger said he contacted them.

“We just got together and came on a price, so it was kinda just luck that I found them,” Hauger said.

The dance group performed songs that were both informative and fun. They started off with a song that JLiNE wrote himself and in between he sang songs that were popular with the kids.

“A lot of times you have a person who does a bullying program and they are just talking to kids. I wanted something that the kids could interact with. Something that they could enjoy, as well as listening to their story. They were playing music you guys would like and they danced. So even though they are doing some things that you enjoy, they also each had an individual story of how bullying affected them when they were younger,” Hauger said.

The students at PCHS had mixed emotions about the performance. Some students enjoyed the show and sang along, and some students stayed quiet and wished the performance was over. Harold Brown was one student that said he didn’t enjoy the show.

“ I think it was pointless, I don’t see much bullying at our school,” Brown said.

Another student who enjoyed the show was Sarah Durham.

“It was the best show ever. I got so lit,” Durham said.

Hauger said that he really enjoyed the show.

“I thought it was excellent. They put on a great show. Each year they do something different and if they have something different next year and they are in the area we might try to get them back or someone like them. I hope the kids understand that bullying can happen to anyone, it can happen to your best athletes or anybody in school and it hurts. Words hurt whether you believe it or not. I want kids to understand that what they are saying can hurt other people,” Hauger said.