Annual play disappearing

Variety show to replace fall play

Katlynn Moore, Executive Producer

Typically, in PCHS kids are accustomed to performing a play and a musical a year. However this year things are changing.

According to Stacy Hurt, there will not be a school play this year. Hurt said there will be there will be a variety show the week after Thanksgiving. There will also be a musical in March. According to Hurt, three of Hurt’s Theater classes are going to be creating a piece and performing it at PCIS.

Hurt said she has many reasons to not do a play this year. In the last performances, there were less than 100 people in the audience. Variety shows tend to have a bigger audience. Hurt hopes that there will be a bigger turn up for the coming musical in March.

According to Hurt, most of the thespians are involved in sports or band. Hurt hopes that in having a montage that more kids will join because there will be less frequent practices.”There is a lot of excitement,” Hurt says.

Hurt wants to do some quick dance routines at some games. Hurt said she wants the theater department to get more out there.

Sydney Morris has been in plays since she was eight years old. She was in The Wizard of Oz, Damn Yankees and Legally Blonde.

“I feel like we need more plays that people know and want to participate in and actually know. With the musicals we have a bigger variety of musicals that people know,” Morris said.

Bree Moody has been in many Gibson County Youth Theater productions and many Princeton Community High School Productions. She’s been in drama camps, middle school performances, and High School performances.

“I think it will be fun to try something new and see what creativity people bring for the acts for the montage,” Moody said.