Princeton pride proudly paraded

Stacy Hurt is trying to bring back Princeton pride with new spirit points

Sean Brock, Features editor, Opinions editor

Many students have been asking about why we are having spirit points and what spirit points go towards. Stacy Hurt introduced the idea of spirit points earlier in the year and wanted people to start participating in spirit days.

Junior, Zach Dove, is a student who says he enjoys the spirit days.

“I like the new spirit days and I’ve been participating in a lot of the spirit days,” Dove said.

Along with the spirit points the school wants each class to build a float for a parade. This year the school is trying to make kids be more spirited.

“We’re trying to have competition between the classes. Kids were supposed to check in with their designated teacher, but they didn’t so we have to reassess the idea,” Hurt said.

Students are getting spirit points by participating in the spirit days, and checking in with their teacher.

The spirit points are just a fun way of keeping track of who is winning. Hurt says that there may be a prize but for now it is just for fun. Student council is in charge with making the new spirit days and try to get ideas from the students. They are coming up with the spirit days for homecoming and the cheerleaders come up with the spirit days for sport events.

Hurt also announced that each class will be in charge of making floats. These floats will be used for the homecoming parade.

“ I won’t be able to be in the parade, because I will be playing in the game, but I did donate some money to help build our float for the parade,” Dove said. The floats will be judged by retired teachers. Hurt says she is trying to make the spirit points go into effect at the end of the semester but she is not sure. “The students have gotten a good start on the parade floats,”Hurt said.