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Separation Between Lunch and Orange Leaf

The cross country team is having a sweet fundraiser. Is it all that sweet if you can't get it though?

Nathan Tovar, Reporter

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I was very enthused at the fact that we were going to start having the option of buying Orange Leaf. Especially since I just moved back from Texas, and wasn’t expecting to have anything of the sort as an option. Of course you can’t have dessert without having your main course.

Although the meals at school are very appealing, I’d rather put “lunch money” towards food I will actually enjoy eating and be more beneficial for me. With this being said, I bring my lunch to school everyday. I just never had the appetite to eat school lunch. There’s just always something off on the lunch that would either mess up my body or just upset my stomach.

To avoid this, I just decided to bring my lunch. It’s not a big deal, or I thought it wasn’t. Once Orange Leaf finally appeared on the side of the cafeteria, everyone was excited to start having some delicious, frozen yogurt.

On the first day of sales, I went to the table with my $3.50 in hand and I pondered over the different options and came to the conclusion of Chocolate Strawberry–it’s very good by the way. I asked my cross country buddy to give me this flavor, but I was sadly told “I can’t sell it to you since you didn’t buy a school lunch.”

Wait. What? Excuse me? You’re not going to accept my contribution to the team because I didn’t buy a school lunch?

I was kind of in shock that this was a rule for buying fro yo. Just because I didn’t buy a lame school lunch shouldn’t disqualify me from buying frozen yogurt. Okay maybe people might just buy frozen yogurt rather than eating lunch, but there’s ways of proving someone has food to eat for their lunch. It’s upsetting to know that I’m not able to get some delicious frozen yogurt just because I didn’t have a school lunch. I still had a lunch, but I didn’t have a school lunch.

I don’t think this rule should be a thing, because the cross country team probably loses profit. They should just keep this rule strictly applied to people who don’t buy or bring lunch. I at least have my lunch!

I don’t know how much longer the fundraiser is going to be going on or if they are going to do it for another organization, but either way there’s a flaw in the system. Like all systems, there’s always a loophole. It sucks having to go out of my way just to get frozen yogurt, but you got to do what you got to do to get some yummy fro yo.

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Separation Between Lunch and Orange Leaf