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Fall in love with the season

Students' guide to embracing the new fall weather and the preparation

Katelynn Mace, Reporter

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Some people may be thinking this is too soon, people aren’t ready for the colder weather, and the change, or accepting the fact that school is here, and it’s going to be like that for quite some time.  Where now, our responsibility levels are going up, and I know reading this is probably just stressing you out but, hear me out.  You have to be prepared.  

Fall is here, it’s finally here.  The absolute, most beautiful time of the year.  Fall is creeping slowly towards us making everyone break out their soft sweaters of shades of orange and dark greens, while some begin to push their shorts to the very back of their closet.  And others ignore the fact that it’s coming, because let’s be honest after fall comes winter, and you just can’t handle the negative degree weather.  But still all in all, sorry Summer, but we are over your way too hot temperatures and wanting to kill us humidity.  

The fall is a time of relaxation, and there are many ways you can accomplish this ultimate feel of release and end of frustrations.  Start simple, change your wardrobe, go for more darker colors and embrace the feeling of sweaters and jeans.  No more shorts, and bright yellows and pinks, in order to feel relaxed your wardrobe must be relaxed, this will better help you finally notice fall is here.

In preparing for fall of course you have to change your decorations, go for pumpkins, leaves and even bring out the Halloween decorations a little early, it’s totally acceptable.  Because if we are being honest, and I am giving you tips, it’s never to early for a little Halloween decor, right?  Even in your foods, go crazy, say goodbye to cold milkshakes, and embrace the hot chocolate, and of course the pumpkin spice, everything.

It’s easy to prepare for, Fall starts now in September which makes this month the best time to prepare for fall and get ready for October, yes it might be stressful, but you have to go for it and embrace the cozy weather and environment around us it won’t last long.  So sit back, and enjoy it while it’s here.

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Fall in love with the season