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Pumpkin spice has to stop

The fall flavor everyone hates

Luke Schmidt, Reporter

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I’m proud to say I’m living in a time where I can see a whole trend in the food industry rise and fall. If nothing else can be praised about the modern day, at least the internet is here to let thousands and thousands of people argue about food that nobody is making them buy. Sure, there are dozens of these products that people get up in arms about, but it’s that time of the year for the most amusing of them all: pumpkin spice.


For years, people in general really enjoyed pumpkin spice drinks. A couple weeks out of the year where one or two food and drink chains would release their pumpkin spice lattes, only to take them away so the people would want them again next year. Starbucks played the market really well in this trend’s infancy.


The hatred came quickly after. Stereotypes sprung up revolving around the flavor, so what did companies do in response? They pushed it more and more. “Oh, you don’t like how much we advertise this? Have three months of it!” Other companies tried to get in on the pumpkin spice game, and… the novelty was gone.


The year after, no longer did you have to wait for the sub-par taste of melon flavored bean water, it was everywhere. Ice cream, gum, potato chips, cookies. Pumpkin spice milk. It’s an insult to food that doesn’t taste like brown sugar strained through half-rotted pumpkin pulp. What lunatic decided that the world needed pumpkin spice marshmallows? Either a smart businessman or one who wants to watch the world burn.


So I ask all of you: can you just quit buying this stuff? I’m pretty sure most of you just get it for the novelty anyways. If everyone who reads this were to boycott these products- who am I kidding? It wouldn’t do anything. You’re allowed to buy anything you want to. I just won’t be happy about it.

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Pumpkin spice has to stop