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Students should strive for Halloween safety

Students should take precautions to prevent accidents while trick or treating

Katlynn Moore, Executive Producer

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A spooky time of year is approaching, very quickly. While candy may be on the minds of many, caution is on the minds of parents. People need to be cautious when it comes to getting treats.

The trick or treating hours for Princeton, Indiana will stay the same. On Monday, October 30th and Tuesday, October 31st  trick or treating will be from 4 p.m. to 7pm

Costumes are very popular when trick or treating. There are some safety precautions when getting dressed up. Don’t wear all black costumes. Two years ago, my grandmother almost hit a kid wearing all black. He ran in front of the van when she was driving down a street. Thankfully she was going slow. Drivers cannot see you when it is pitch black and you are dressed in all black. Wearing masks can make it difficult to breathe. Try using makeup instead of masks.

If trick or treaters don’t have an adult with them, they should bring a cell phone to call their parents in case of an emergency. They should also keep a flashlight in there candy bag.

On hallows eve and Halloween you can take your bag of candy to McDonald’s, so the sheriff department can put your candy through a metal detector.

There are precautions with getting candy from strangers. Dangerous things have been found in candy. Nails, tacks, and needles are just a few of the things that have been found. In the last year, drugs that look like Sweetarts and Smarties have been discovered. More than one in four kids die from eating candy-shaped drugs.

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Students should strive for Halloween safety