Students should focus on treats, not tricks

Carter Birch, Reporter

Every year around Halloween, students seem to think it is a smart idea to go and TP-ing a house or egg it. Not only is the act immature, it is also illegal. Yet students still take the risk of getting in trouble just to throw a few rolls of toilet paper on someone’s house, and even then they usually can’t even get the roll all the way over the house or tree.

Some students will just do it to their friends’ house or someone close to them, but there are some others who don’t care whose house it is at all. Which for all they know there could be an elderly lady who lives there and maybe she doesn’t have the physical capabilities to climb a ladder or a tree to get the toilet paper off of her house but yet she doesn’t want her yard to look like trash. How would she handle that situation?

She wouldn’t be able to. I understand students just want to have fun but maybe running around and throwing toilet paper at houses isn’t the best way. Some may even find the act disrespectful for the fact that you are littering on their property.

When it comes to TP-ing I can understand that some students see it as fun, but with egging there is no good reason to do it. If you were to get some yolk on a car it could possibly mess up the paint job which could cost money so it no longer becomes a harmless act.

Egging houses there is no need for it. The person you egg will have to take time out of their day just to clean up a mess you made on their property and once again what if it was someone’s house who isn’t able to clean it up? Then it would stay there until someone who actually has respect would clean it up. So all in all just don’t go and destroy someone else’s property just for giggles.