Band show costs thousands each year

To put on a show for marching band costs around $9000.

Mikayla Cowan, Reporter

Working hard to make the show great isn’t all the marching band has to do. They have to come up with money to put on that show. Every for the show cost money. Scott Salmond, the band director, has to come up with ways to help the band come up with money.

“We do fundraisers. During the marching band season and the concert band season, but almost every 2 months,” Salmond says.

Allison Mace is a sophomore at PCHS.

“I like some of the fundraisers. I get to see some of my friends do some really dorky things in the custom,” Mace said.

Many things factor into the cost of the show such as music written specifically for Princeton, choreography, drill written for band, and fees to be in the band.

“Band fees are a lot but, I think that it is worth it in the end of the season,” Mace said.

“The drill costs $4000, the music and choreography is $4250, and to be in the band is $225,” Salmond said.

“The band has had the same uniforms for years, next year they will be getting new ones. One uniform will start around $325, but a really fancy one will cost about $500,” Salmond said.

Cost isn’t the only thing that takes up time to come up with, coming up with a theme for the show takes a lot of time too.

“We normally start design meeting on January, we try to predict the future with the numbers of the band to see what shows we can have,” Salmond said.

The process of choosing a theme starts off with a whole list of themes and ideas from just random ideas, to ideas gotten from other schools shows. Then the list gets narrowed down to five key ideas.

Salmond says that he has the most authority over the theme of the show:

“I’m the director so I have a higher say than someone else, but I generally go with the people who have been here for a long time.”