PCHS Jazz Band Prepares For A New Year

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PCHS Jazz Band Prepares For A New Year

Tyler Teeters, Photo editor

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PCHS offers students around 38 clubs for students. The band has decided to add a new club to the mix. The PCHS jazz band enters the fray.

The jazz band has been around for 5 years under the direction of Scott Salmond, the band director at PCHS.

“The jazz band has been around for several years before I even started here at PCHS,” Salmond said.

The idea to start the club was suggested to Salmond by a student last year, Eli Soakeland. He decided to make the club to try and help free up time after school for students have have other after school commitments.

The jazz band will be performing in a jazz festival in March. They will also be having their 4th annual St.Paddy’s Jazz Cafe.

Prior to the formation of the club the jazz band practiced after school on Monday and Wednesday until 4:30. They still plan to practice after school but not as long to allow for students to still have time for their other activities.  

Salmond has been looking for ways to help try and increase recruitment for the band. They have talked about even trying and going to other schools in the corporation to play for them.

Kohyn Wethington, a senior here at PCHS, has been in jazz band all four years of his high school career.

“I definitely like the type of music we get to play in the jazz band compared to what we normally play in the concert band,” Wethington said

The jazz band obviously plays jazz music rather than the normal concert music they play in band. So the band spends time listening and studying different jazz bands.

The jazz band club will be available during A and C club periods. The band is planning to do more things with the jazz band so keep an eye out.