Missing mascot puzzles students

Heaven Ingle, Reporter

Starting off the 2017-2018 school year PCHS doesn’t have a mascot. The tiger at PCHS is the way the school is represented. Julie Koberstein, nurse and cheerleading coach at PCHS, said there hasn’t always been a tiger.
“There’s been a lot of quitting throughout the years I’ve coached,” said Koberstein.
This is Koberstein’s 10th year coaching cheer.
“I’ve seen a lot of different mascots,” Koberstein said.
Koberstein said there is going to be a tiger this year but it’s undecided yet.
“The try-outs will be in the next couple of weeks,” Koberstein said.
Senior, Ashlyn Anthis, Co-cheer captain, said she thinks the mascot is really important to boost school spirit.
“It really helps lead school spirit by chanting along with the cheerleaders,” said Anthis.
Anthis said she wouldn’t want to try-out for mascot because of how hot the suit can get.
“We don’t have a mascot during the football season because it gets way too hot,” said Anthis.
Senior, Sydney Morris, cheerleader at PCHS, said she thinks the tiger is a big leader of school spirit.
“It helps get the crowd more engaged in chants and helps boost up the energy for the players and student section,” Morris said.
Morris said she thinks that the school mascot should be very outgoing and very willing since the costume is so unbearable.
“I think a good fit for the school mascot would be senior, Hunter Davis,” Morris said.
Davis was the school mascot during basketball season last school year.
Morris said she wouldn’t mind being the school mascot.
“I think it’d be fun if I didn’t cheer,” Morris said.