Save Thanksgiving

Cory Anthony, Reporter


Every year, Thanksgiving becomes less about family and more about the food and the shopping. It is a sad, thing we have to accept the fact. In most instances, people sit and eat and leave. The day is not filled with family time, we just eat and go shop.

We should take the time we have with our family. We should be outside throwing a football while the little kids play tag and make a giant leaf pile and then jump into it or hide in it.

Now that we have more technology, we have confined ourselves to a room most of the time. We need to go back to the more fun days and put the phones down for once and get active.

Many of us like to go to the mall or Walmart after we eat to get all the good deals on items for Black Friday. Although everyone loves a good price, is it really worth not seeing your family? Try and get your whole family to go with you. Or you can quit being so cheap and spend the day with them and go shopping the day after. Try shopping online, it takes a while before it gets here. If you order it a week or two before it should be there before Christmas.

It seems like the only time kids want to spend time with their family is when they are shopping or doing something that involves spending money. Kids used to watch football with their dads or help their parents cook in the kitchen. Parents should encourage their kids to spend the day with their family and enjoy what time you have instead of just wanting to spend the day with their parent’s credit cards.

More activities that you can do with your family are playing board games, going out and playing football, watch football, cook dinner, get creative and make decorations.When it starts to get colder and darker you can build a nice cozy fire to keep your family warm. Sit around the fire and tell fun stories. All of these will make families be together and actually be thankful that they can enjoy these days with their parents and not just spend money. Save your money and wait a little bit after Thanksgiving and then you will be able to buy more things for your family or whoever. Don’t spend Thanksgiving shopping, enjoy it with your family.