Making the most of the season

Bailee Pierce, Editor-in-chief


The weather and season is a big deciding factor in not only what we wear, but how we smell as well. In the spring and summer, I tend to buy more flowery smells not only for my perfume but also for a room scent. In the fall I obviously go for more warm smells. So, I’ll normally get a pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, or anything of the mix.

Usually, in the winter, I’ll usually go for the same mixture of warm scents. But, I also like more clean smells in the winter, this is really the only time of the year I’ll use anything that smells clean. So for a glade scent, for instance, clean linen or cashmere woods are my go to’s.

For most of my scent purchases, I’ll go to either Bath and Body Works or the candle section at Walmart. Walmart has a wide variety of smells that will also change with each season. So they’re always found pretty easily.

One thing I’ve considered purchasing is an oil diffuser that you use oils instead of a candle or spray. I’ve found that these are extremely easy to use and safer than lighting a candle. You don’t have to watch them make sure you aren’t burning your house down, and you can change the smells whenever you want since the oil is combined with water. I’ve also found that the smell lasts a lot longer when you use an oil diffuser and it spreads quicker.

Scents aren’t the only thing people change for the seasons, some girls will change their makeup palettes to match the weather as well. Obviously warm colors in colder seasons, brighter in summer. I personally don’t wear eyeshadow or do crazy contouring. But, I have noticed the changes in makeup.

Clothing is an obvious change in most people. It’s too cold to wear sandals but you’ll definitely see me wearing them throughout the winter season. Scarves come into play in the winter as well. And not as a way to keep warm, but as an accessory for most outfits. One thing I have noticed is that almost all of the clothes that are supposed to be for the colder seasons are a lot cuter than clothes that are meant to wear in the warmer months.

I personally think that changing to match the season isn’t a problem. It’s more fun to decorate for a certain holiday since we already put so much work into them.