Having family game nights during the winter

Katelynn Mace, Reporter

During the season, we are met with cold weather and our outside participation drops to none as we enjoy the heated comfort of our homes.  During this time, and in rejoicement of the holidays we set aside our rivalries, differences, and our constant bickering and transfer them to something a little more calming and healthy.  Our competitive urge to win at any game or competition set forth by sibling and family rivalry.

Thanksgiving and Winter’s break is when most students minds focus on the oncoming winter season: the lights, the tree, the food, and the snow.  Everyone’s mind is echoed with the thought of presents and Santa, but you should also think of your family.  Take these cold temperatures to your advantage and the slow pace of your busy schedule for some special bonding, and what a better way than with the competitive edge of family games.  

During Christmas time my family has many different special ways to indulge in games. My sister and I sit down for hours and fight back and forth on the Wii with Mario Kart, trust me it gets intense.  In the evenings, we gather in the kitchen for an intense game of Yahtzee which creates a battle between family members as we all try to get a Yahtzee before the other person.

Whether it’s board games or video games a family game night or bonding in any way is always great for anyone.  Take this free time for either your Thanksgiving or Christmas break and enjoy the time with your family.  Put down the phones, the iPads and any other inclusive device that makes you lock yourself away.  Bonding is a major part of what keeps families together, whether this is sitting down and playing games or just talking about your day.  Use the holidays as a way to branch out and experience the competitive edge that everyone is on in some friendly, family competition.  This time is about spending with others not just spent to yourself locked away in a room.  Go out, be social this holiday.