Do cops really make us feel safe?

Katelynn Mace, Reporter

Welcome to Princeton Community High School, your safe place.  When most people are asked what they feel their safest places to be are they mention firstly, home, and secondly, school.  Here, they are surrounded by their peers and teachers who don’t just care for their grades and whether they turn their homework in on time but also for their well-being.  When cops are added into the safe environment of school, students begin to feel more uncomfortable than safe.

With at least three cops switching shifts in and out of the school, students are constantly seeing them in the halls during all periods.  Though they are here to ensure the safety of students, I find myself a little on edge with cops in the school.  I’ve always seen school as a safe place, surrounded by peers so you aren’t always alone, but when walking down the hallways and I see different cops I can’t help but be worried.  Why do we need so many cops tracing the halls of a high school?

In previous years, Officer Dennis Mcgraw was the only cop most students saw up and down the hallway.  The appearance of Mcgraw in his normal get up of pants and shirt carrying maybe one gun on his side, was a lot more soothing than the swat team aesthetic that the cops have today as they roam the halls.  When we see eight different guns and a bullet proof vest we instantly feel discomfort.  Considering the environment in which the officers are in, I find it slightly unnecessary that they carry more than one gun, even one gun seems a bit unnecessary for a school environment where there is no great threat.  Carrying around a taser or pepper spray seems much more reasonable than a gun in such a place as a high school.

The cops roaming the school are with good cause and protection but from what, why are they dressed like a swat team?  This is a high school not a place of high risk traumatic events so why the big get up?  I understand your means, but the apparel and the presence just seems to much for a place of education such as this high school.