Suffocated with Christmas decorations

Nathan Tovar, Reporter

First of all… no. We all have seen those houses that go over and beyond when decorating for the holidays. Driving throughout Princeton you can almost see a house like this every time you’re out. I understand that when it comes to the holiday’s everyone becomes jolly and warm. I feel that the Hot Chocolate is getting to some people’s heads though.

When I talk about obnoxious decorations, I’m not referring to those people who put decorations in odd places or that put an extra Santa in their mailbox just because. No, I’m referring to those that engulf their yard with bright lights, full winter scenes like Rudolph, Jesus’ manger, Santa walking on the roof, and all the other stories possible. I’m referring to those who have Christmas music blasting to go along with their decorations.

Imagine hearing the same song over and over again from the time your neighbor put it up to the time they take it down. If it were me, I would probably go insane and have to watch some Halloween movies or something that does not portray anything Christmas related. I think even the sight of a candy cane would drive me to go mad.

Not only is their yard annoying and frustrating at home, but while I’m driving it’s a huge distraction. Our eyes are naturally drawn to light, so if there’s a huge Christmas tree lit up like a headlight, then, of course, my eyes are going to think, “Yeet a shiny light let’s look at it.” Which is when this ‘cute’ decoration becomes a hazard to drivers

Oh my goodness, I just remembered that people have moving objects! Those things are really creepy. Who wants to be walking down the sidewalk or cruising home and look to their left and see Rudolph with a crooked smile and a tilted head staring at you?

All in all, the holidays are a time for festivities, joy, family time, and just enjoying how good your past year was. Now don’t go and reflect how great your year was a creepy ginormous lawn decoration.