Christmas is about family and religion

Mikayla Cowan, Reporter

Christmas isn’t Christmas without family. In my family, our religion is a huge part of Christmas. My family is Catholic, so we go to Christmas Eve mass with my whole family. We take two trips to Kentucky to see our family.

On Christmas Eve, in the morning we get all dressed up and drive to Kentucky. When we get there we go to my dad’s parent’s house and sit there until it’s time to go to church. While we’re there, we open some gifts from our grandparents and get food that we cook. Before we eat, my uncle always says grace over our food.

Around five we start to head to church. When we get there we find the rest of my family and we sit with them. During mass, we take communion and sing Christmas songs. The church is filled with booming voices singing up to the heavens, and the sound of the organ. When it’s over it takes about 20 minutes to leave, because my mom talks to everyone. We leave and go to my great grandma’s’ house to get food. Once everyone gets to her house we all circle around the table and into the dining room, and even sometimes into the living room and say Grace over the food. We all eat together, and talk to people we haven’t seen since last Christmas. It’s nice to talk to my family whenever we get the chance. When everyone’s done eating we open gifts from our family members.

After we are done there we go to my Nana’s house where we open more gifts that are around the tree that we put up together. One day in December before Christmas, some of my family get together to put up my Nana’s Christmas tree, she makes chili and we eat and put up the tree. She always gets us pajamas to wear home on Christmas Eve so we can go straight to bed when we get home. When we are done we head home to go to bed for the long Christmas day ahead.

On Christmas day, we always wake up really early, to see all the gifts under the tree, but everyone has to be awake before we can start to open. Everyone gets one gift at a time and we open them one at a time together.  We normally get a new outfit to wear, so we always put them on.

When we are done with everything at home, we load back up into the truck and head back down to Kentucky to spend the rest of Christmas with my family.