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Makenna Coleman, Reporter

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Thrift shops have been around for many years. Most teens don’t necessarily think of thrift shops as places to shop. However, many find gems at a low price all the time!

Jacob Welton, Senior has been thrifting for many years.

“When I go thrifting I typically focus on finding retro prints and big coats,” said Welton.

Welton’s intention every morning is to look as different as possible every day.

“My favorite part about thrift shopping is that every piece there is different. No one will have the same shirt from 15 years ago as I do” said Welton.

Welton’s favorite place to go thrifting is Goodwill and any random antique malls that he can find.

“I always find good things at Goodwill, but yard sales can also have some hidden gems!” said Welton.  Welton says that the best thing he’s ever found thrifting was a pair of Gucci shoes that he got for $9.

Senior, Bri Dilley also frequently goes thrifting. She describes her style as “anything a really cool grandma would wear”.

“When I go thrifting I go in with the purpose of looking like a high-class old lady from the 80s,” said Dilley.

Dilley’s favorite thing about thrifting is that all of the pieces are unique and are much cheaper than commercial clothing companies. Shopping at thrift stores is also much better for the environment. By buying clothes from second-hand stores, it saves the natural resources and energy that it would take to make a new item in a factory.

“The benefits for the environment is really half the reason that I thrift,” said Dilley.

“The best thing I’ve ever found while thrifting was a red and a purple silk kimono,” says Dilley.

Dilley also likes to upcycle, upcycling is buying something from a second-hand store and personalizing it to make it your own.

“I go thrifting and find something plain and then bring it home to my mom to personalize for me,” Dilley said.