The spooks never have to end

Katelynn Mace, Reporter

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Spooky vibes never have to end.  As Halloween is over as well as Thanksgiving the scary Fall feelings don’t have to leave.  Paranormal Activity is something people spend hours watching TV shows about, reading, and researching year round.  Paranormal Activity is the influence of many popular TV shows found on TV, especially Netflix with season two of Stranger Things just being released.  This subject has caught the interest of many people and turned away the interest of non-believers.  

Ghosts, spirits, and other identities could be standing right behind someone and that person would never know.  Of course, this depends if someone believes in such things.  Jaydon Edwards a senior at PCHS, is a very big believer in the paranormal.

“Yeah, I definitely believe in paranormal stuff.  I’m passionately interested in it.  I like watching the TV, documents and reading the eyewitness accounts and my favorite show is ghost adventures,” said Edwards.  “I believe in ghosts, spirits, Bigfoot, Nessie the lock ness monster, and I also believe in the possible existence of mermaids and UFO’s.”

Edwards is very open to the idea of supernatural and paranormal beings living on this planet alongside us and we just don’t know.  But do people really know the boundaries of our earth?  Paranormal events expand to not just only the objects, like ghosts, and spirits but paranormal is in everything you read.  Senior Jeremiah Thompson believes in the conspiracy theories that are tied to supernatural events.

“I believe it’s possible, I kind of believe in ghosts, I mean I’ve never seen one, but I’m open to them existing but I more so believe in conspiracy theories,” said Thompson.  “I believe in a fair amount of conspiracies, but not all of them.  Usually, when people tell me about one I have to do my own research to really believe it.”  

Of course, though with the believers and the slight believers there are some who don’t believe in any of it, at all. The spirits and talk of Bigfoot don’t intrigue some students.  Elisabeth Glomski, a senior, doesn’t believe in any of these things.  

I don’t really believe in things like spirits and ghosts,”  said Glomski.  “At the same time, I don’t believe in things like bigfoot.  I think it’s crazy that people think they could harm you or attack you.  Along with conspiracy theories, I like hearing about them, but I don’t necessarily believe in them.”

The belief of paranormal and conspiracies are all dependent on who a person is and what their mind allows them to pass as reality and fiction.  This is something many people believe in to explain the world around them.