Being prepared for college

Logan Firkins, Reporter

Being prepared for college and life after school, in general, is something that most students are concerned about and even fear. There are many ways that teens can get themselves prepared and settle these fears. Carrie Engelbrecht, a guidance counselor here, provides good advice for any student seeking help.

“Sometimes all you need to do is just talk to a teacher or guidance counselor, all of them want to help you in any way they can,” she said.

Some students are so lost they’re scared to even ask for help. Even if students are too scared to talk to someone there is a lot of research you can do yourself on the internet. There are government regulated websites made for helping students find out what their path will be. Kaleb Huff is a student who is very prepared for college.

“I did a lot of research online throughout all of high school. Talking to staff has helped too but a lot of what I learned was through the internet,” he said.

Even though seniors are the ones who are usually spending the most time getting prepared for college, there is still a lot they can do to help themselves as a junior.

“Juniors should start doing their research and thinking about what they want to do to prepare themselves for their senior year and afterward, and actually do their homework too,” he said.

Students may be under the impression that there is only help available to upperclassmen for college because they are the ones who will be soon going into it. Engelbrecht suggests that students begin preparing themselves as soon as they can.

“It is never too early to begin preparing yourself for college and asking questions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman, senior, or even still in middle school, it’s always smart to be as prepared as you can possibly be,” she said.

In the guidance office there are all kinds of papers, flyers, and handouts that students can access anytime they want to. If that isn’t enough guidance counselors can help students understand what’s on those papers too.

“There are so many ways we can help students prepare themselves. We have all kinds of very helpful handouts and such and are always glad to help students with them. The main thing is to just come down and ask, without that we can’t help like we want to,” she said.