Black Friday shopping

Eli Buck, Reporter

As the hundreds of people standing outside in the cold, gruesome weather, many wonder why people do this. DEALS, DEALS, DEALS! That’s right it’s that time of the year.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, regarded as the first day of the traditional Christmas shopping season, on which retailers offer special reduced prices. So many families rush to be the first to get the great deals. According to, the first Black Friday was on Sept. 24, 1869.

Since that date, Black Friday has erupted in popularity, taking the world by storm. Now every year, the day after Thanksgiving, according to, last year’s sales brought in 99 million Americans, which was down 3 million from the previous year.

Black Friday has an impact on all of America, even in our small town, and there are always two different people. The people who hate it, and people that love it, here at PCHS there is a mixture of both.

Junior, Tana Lloyd is a person that enjoys shopping on Black Friday.

“I first went about two years ago with my dad, and I love shopping in general so the cheap prices were awesome,” said Lloyd.

While on the other hand senior, Summer Wiley does not enjoy Black Friday shopping.

Wiley said that it is too hectic for her, speaking from her past experiences. Teachers also have the same scenario.

English Teacher, Mrs. Taylor can relate to Lloyd. But Taylor has been black Friday shopping way more times then Lloyd.

“The first time I went was about 15 years ago, I usually spend $100-$200,” said Taylor

Mrs. Hayes, on the other hand, can relate to the ways of Wiley. Hayes and Wiley have both been before but do not enjoy it. Hayes says she gets claustrophobic by the huge crowds. Hayes also said that when she went it was in the afternoon and the prices were the same and the crowds weren’t as big.

Hayes and Wiley both said they spend more of their time shopping online for the holidays on Cyber Monday.

Millions of people black Friday shop. Bringing in amazing sells for stores across the nation and has a tremendous impact on families to make their child’s Christmas the best as possible. Will you be in the stores on November 25th?