PCHS marching band recap

Chandon Brucks, Reporter

This marching band season has been the best for some students and for some, not so well. Sophomore, Drake Miskell claims his first year of marching band was much more stressful than this current year because the first year, he was still learning how to play, and when to move, and where to move. However, Miskell feels as if the team could’ve done better and didn’t give it their all at the end.

“I also feel as if over this year we have grown closer and more like a family, and just have a strong connection with each other,” said Miskell.

Miskell also says he wanted to do better and wished for a better attitude.

On the other hand, we have Senior, Kohyn Wethington. Wethington claims the last performance was the best of his life, and he wouldn’t change anything. Although Wethington felt as if the judges were very one-sided. Wethington also believes once the seniors graduate that nothing in the band will change, but if anything does change it would be for the better, he believes the marching band will still be very talented. Wethington plans on going to VU to become a music teacher and a band director and plans on doing band in college.

Agreeing with Wethington is Freshman, Madelyne Newberry.

“Our marching band season went pretty well, and I reached some personal goals and have improved during practices,” said Newberry.

Newberry is fairly confident with how well the Marching band group works together, although it was hard to catch up to the Seniors because they have been marching for four or more years.

Newberry also stated that the marching band is like a big family, they will help each other out, and they can rely on each other to do their best and work hard.