How students feel about their last year of high school

Marissa Whetstone, Reporter

Senior year brings with it many highs and lows for all students, whether they are involved in sports and activities or not. However, for those involved in sports, senior year can be extra bittersweet.

Kylee Phillips is a senior at Princeton Community High School and is planning on going to college at Indiana State University.  Phillips was a member of the color guard at PCHS for three years, starting her sophomore year.

“I feel very sad that the season is over, but I’ve gained a lot of friends and experience from it all,” Phillips said.

She says not only did she learn how to be coordinated, toss a flag, and dance, she also learned to be more confident in herself, interact as a team, and how to handle last minute changes.

“I enjoyed the people and overall feeling and attitude of being with the marching band. It felt like family,” Phillips said.

Keaton Green, a senior at Princeton Community High School, is a member of the bowling team. He plans to bowl in tournaments and leagues while he’s in college.

“It sucks that it’s my last year on the bowling team but I’m looking forward to college bowling,” Green says.

Green started bowling when he was 13 years old and now has an average of 220. He also meets with trainers to do drills and sometimes sit in a room to go over tapes.

“Typically I bowl four to five times a week and some tournaments on the weekend,” Green says.

Tim Evans is a senior on the football team at Princeton Community High School. He’s been on a football team since 5th grade.

“I’m going to miss the atmosphere and being around the teammates every day,” Evans said.

Evans said he has learned many things from being on the football team including leadership and discipline. His favorite memory was the first game he played and they were versing Washington.