The club schedule is all over the place

Rayven Hedge, Reporter


According to Mercedes Milbradt, most students would rather have A.M. activity schedule. Having P.M or even Midday Schedule makes the day seem longer. Milbradt said it is also very confusing when you have multiple different schedules.

Junior Kellie Hurst said she agrees with Milbradt.

“I would rather have them in the morning than throughout the day like midday schedule because it is confusing,” she said.

Most of the time students meet with your club once a month for most clubs that’s not enough time. Especially if the club meeting times are only 40 minutes every week.

Sophomore Jesse Cowan participates in clubs.

“How many times we have them because we don’t have enough meetings to actually get anything done,” he said.

There are some things students would change about having clubs. Meaning they want other things than what is already there.

“If I would change anything about clubs then it would be the amount of saying the kids have in having a club,” Milbradt said.

Hurst said she would make a “Doctor Who” club. “Doctor Who” is her favorite show, and she would love to have a club just for it.

Milbradt also said that more students would probably participate in clubs if they had a say in what types of clubs the kids wanted. Instead of the teachers or staff choosing what types they think the students would like.

Hurst and Milbradt said they are both in Country Club and Book Lovers Club. Cowan said he is only in Multiple card games club. The students said they joined clubs not because their friends are in the club, but because they actually want to be in the clubs.

Milbradt is in Country Club because she wants to try and play golf this upcoming season.

Hurst is in Country Club because her dad played golf in college and she is interested in how to play.

“I like clubs they make school easier and better for everyone,” Cowan said.

He said they give kids an escape away from school just for a little bit. Also, it gives them some free time from school.