One of the new clubs: Multiple card game club

Rachel Stiles, Reporter

At Princeton Community High School there are many clubs. Some clubs may be more well-known than others. One new club that has been introduced to the students this year is multiple card game club.

Multiple card game club was founded by Valerie Jones, a math teacher at Princeton Community High School. She started the club this year.

“When I was hired, Mr. Hauger encouraged me to have a club and I like playing cards. There was already a euchre club so I decided to teach different card games,” Jones said.

Multiple card game club meets C week. Some of the students in the club include Jesse Cowan, Colby Monjezi, and Tucker Cooper. The club is what it sounds like, people playing card games. The club helps teach new card games to its members. Cowan has learned many new card games.

“First we’ll learn how to play the game. Then, we’ll play one round of the game. Then, we’ll play the game for real,” Cowan said.

The whole club is about learning. Jones said she wanted to be able to teach students about games they’ve never heard about.

“(The club has) contract rummy because most people don’t know what that is. My family loves it. I teach them solitaire games, euchre and anything else they want to do; but no betting,” Jones said.

Cooper said he has learned some new card games from Jones.

“I found out there are different types of rummy,” Cooper said.

Along with teaching students about card games, this club also allows students to meet new people. Monjezi said he’s seen new people in the club.

“I haven’t gotten out of my friend group but there are other people in there,” Monjezi said.

While some people get to enjoy this club of 20 people maximum, others didn’t even know this club existed. Tia Thompson, a senior at PCHS, said she was surprised to hear about the multiple card game club.

“I did not know we had this club. I usually stick with the clubs I’ve been in since freshman year,” Thompson said.

She also said she wishes this club was offered before this year.

“It would provide more options to people and add to the variety of clubs at Princeton Community High School that we have already,” Thompson said.

Jones says that she is planning to continue the club next year.

“I think it’s going great. The kids seem to be liking it,” Jones said.