PCHS National Honor Society Inductions


Carter Birch, Reporter

The National Honor Society’s goal since the beginning has been to create enthusiasm for scholarships, do volunteer work, promote leadership, and help students build character. Any student can apply to be in the NHS but members have to maintain good grades and a good attitude.

This year PCHS has tried something with the National Honors Society. PCHS decided to hold the program after school not only to make it more convenient for parents to attend, but also so that it is a  more memorable event for those family members that are in attendance.

In order to get into the National Honor Society students have to maintain a gpa of 3.6 and have to go through an application process. During the application process the student must  include three recommendations along with the filled out application paper. One recommendation must be from the NHS adviser, another from the school’s principal, and lastly a signature from a staff member of the applicant’s choice.   

There is a committee of six teachers that debate and then decide who is eligible to become a member of the NHS. This program helps better the students preparedness for college and also helps with college applications. The program also teaches these young adults how to be leaders. According to Chemistry teacher, Carrie Wallace, the NHS has been around longer than she has, the program was constructed in 1921.

Junior, Olivia Walker said,  “I feel really good about being in the NHS because it’s something I have wanted for a long time.”

In order to get there Olivia said she has to work really hard to get good grades and to keep her GPA at 3.6 or above. She said she is hoping the NHS will help her get into her dream college.

Senior, Lee Friedman was elected into the NHS his junior year. Friedman said the NHS has helped him by holding him responsible for his grades and all-out-academic performance. He said he also believes that the requirements help hold members accountable for their actions. Along with helping him get into whatever college he wishes.