Three Quarter Threads business is booming

Carter Birch, Reporters

Earlier this summer Geometry teacher, Jennifer Kolb started a t-shirt business called Three Quarter threads. It is a partner-owned business between Kolb and her sister. Three Quarter Threads only sells t-shirts at the moment and each t-shirt ranges from $10-12  depending on the way it has to be made.  

The business was created because Kolb and her sister wanted to be closer to their kids. With that said, not only does Kolb manage her own business she also is a full-time math teacher along with being a mother as well.

“We work on all orders after school so it doesn’t interfere with school and are kids are with us so it’s not taking away time from them,” Kolb said.

As of right now Kolb and her sister don’t necessarily have a vision for the business. According to Kolb they are taking it one step at a time and just going with the flow. Businesses do come with both ups and downs but according to Kolb the best thing about owning her business is that it rakes in a little extra money. The only problem Kolb said she is running into with owning her business is that both her and her sister have full time jobs and kids so it can be hard to find time to make shirts.

Senior, Sydney Morris said she has bought about 8 shirts from Three Quarter Threads. Morris said that each shirt she bought was extremely comfortable and fit her just right. She said she has gotten multiple shirts with different designs on each.

She said she got them as a memorial of her senior year at PCHS and most of her shirts are either red, black or dark grey and have different designs such as a tiger head, PCHS, or just the word senior. There is a vast limit of the designs Three Quarter Threads can do.

“I would absolutely come back to Kolb if I need a shirt she is very reliable  and good at what she is doing,” Morris said.

Theater director, Stacy Hurt gets T-shirts from Three Quarter Threads all the time considering that Hurt and Kolb are relatives. Hurt, Kolb, and Kolb’s sister will look on Pinterest for cute shirt ideas and  take advice from others.

Hurt often gets shirts for her theater students and for the  proud parents as well. Anyone who wants a theater shirt can buy one. Hurt said she is often involved in the design process of making the shirts and said that she has bought shirts from Make Your Mark and Chips but she says Kolb has more options to choose from.