Holiday season without PCHS soldiers

Hannah Neese, Reporter

Not all families get to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Some families such as the Wilkerson’s and the Cowan’s have to spend the holidays without their soldiers. As for Allison Craven, senior, she has to sometimes spend the holidays without her boyfriend. Seth Robbins, Chris Cowan, Kahlil and JaVon Wilkerson are all members of the armed forces and don’t usually get to spend the holidays at home with their loved ones.

Jesse Cowan, sophomore, and the younger sibling of Chris Cowan, soldier. Chris is in the Army and he has been stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, but has been relocated to Poland.

“I feel like he has been gone forever and I’m happy for him to be home, but him being gone leaves me to be the oldest brother.” “Chris has been gone since September and I miss him alot. I try to talk to him as much as I can,” Cowan said.

Stephan Wilkerson, junior, and the little brother of both JaVon and Kahlil Wilkerson.

“I am glad to have my family back with no injuries to either of them. I am also proud of them because they are my brothers and they are doing something good with their lives.” “Kahlil and JaVon were away for more than three months.” Wilkerson said.

Kahlil was stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia and JaVon was stationed in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Ja’Von and Kahlil are both in the National Guard.

“Kahlil and JaVon told Corbin and I stories about the army, told us that we should make a good name for us and our family, and not make ourselves look bad by doing bad things,” Wilkerson said.

Allison Craven, senior, and the girlfriend of Seth Robbins.

Seth is in the U.S Navy and isn’t technically stationed anywhere right now.

“Seth was gone for almost two months in boot camp, then I got to see him for the weekend of his graduation and now he has been gone for about a month. His next visit home is Christmas,” Craven said.

Seth and Craven could only communicate through letters during boot camp.

“His letters would only come on fridays, but they definitely helped me get through it,” Craven said. “Now he is in A-school and we get to text everyday, so that makes me really happy, and doesn’t make it as hard,” Craven said.

Seth has only been at A-school for about a month and is only in phase one so he can’t visit home yet.

“The boot camp that Seth is at is in Great Lakes Illinios and so is his A-school,” Craven said.

“He is at his A-school right now. When his classes start he will know his orders, or where he will be stationed after he is done with school for his job,” Craven said.

“Honestly I believe my confidence has declined. Seth being here and encouraging me has helped me through a lot.” “Dating someone who is going away to serve our country is a hard thing. It changes many things within yourself,” Craven said.

“Now that he can talk to me every day though, I have definitely felt a lot better. It is very easy to get sad that he isn’t here but all I really have to do is think positive about things,” Craven said.

It has also affected her positively because she is very proud of her boyfriend and it is exciting for her to see what she will be doing when she goes into the Navy.