PCHS helps the community

Eli Buck, Reporter

In a society like today’s, it can be hard to find help from teens. With games like NBA 2K18, GTA V, and Fortnite taking over the brains of teens, it’s hard for parents to even get their kid to leave the room. But with our school creating many opportunities for students to volunteer themselves for activities.

One of these opportunities is joining Key club, which is run by English teacher Mrs. Taylor.

“It takes someone special to be a Key Club member. Key Club is a student-led organization which focuses on completing volunteer projects which the quality of life for others within the community. These members are future leaders of our community. They are a great group of people who make a difference in our community. ” Taylor said.

Although that’s what Key club is all about, students outside of Key club help out the community. Last year, the football team volunteered themselves to spread mulch at different locations in town such as the roundabout, the pocket parks and city parks.

Students like junior,  Jalen Kenworthy and Aj Etolen helped out with this.

“It really made me feel like such a good person, helping out the community and making the community look more nice.” Kenworthy said.

While Aj said “Nowadays I just sit around and play fortnite, it just felt nice to get out and help the community.”

Although today it can be hard to help voluntary help. With teens brainwashed by video games and them having the feeling that the world owes them something, as if they have done something to deserve the money.