PCHS Track and Field travels to Indianapolis

Nathan Tovar , Reporter

When thinking of track and field, the general image that comes to mind is a track and field with a clear sunny sky. Going against the norm, Princeton’s Varsity Track team attended an Indoor track meet on March 2, 2018. The team left school around noon and headed for Indianapolis.

The meet also held some field events, so some of field event participants were able to attend. Running or throwing a metal ball inside seems pretty different to being outside.

“Indoor is a totally different atmosphere. The turns are tighter and everything feels faster.” senior Lee Friedman said.

Everyone is different though, senior Justin Niederhaus felt a little different about this meet.

“Most indoor tracks have elevated turns so it feels like you’re running on a roller coaster. I dig it, my man.” Niederhaus said.

With most of the Tigers being inexperienced in running or throwing indoors, it didn’t sway our tigers motivation. Most of them have been runners for years and have the drive to succeed.

“I wasn’t intimidated because I was determined to run the best I could and make my teammates proud no matter what.” senior Elisabeth Glomski said.

Though the team is very determined, the other teams competing has been in indoor meets before. Seems like it would be a little obstacle for our Tigers, but it wasn’t hard for the team to keep up.

“I don’t think that any of the teams had an advantage over us because Princeton Track and Field has been training since the very beginning of the year to be nothing but the best,” Friedman said.

“The throwers probably had an advantage because I only practiced 2 days before my first indoor meet but I ended up getting second so I guess they didn’t have much of an advantage.” junior Zach Dove said.

It’s always important to be punctual, but maybe it can be overdone. The team ended up leaving to soon which caused them to be the first team to arrive at the meet. This brought some issues to the participants, some had to wait hours before their event even started.

“We got to the meet super early and I had to wait 4 hours before my event started,” Dove said.

“My biggest challenge was not falling asleep or eating too much before I ran because we were the last runners of the night and I had never run that late before.” senior Hanah Gilihan said.

Though the Tigers started the season on a new turf, the runners and field event athletes all agreed in having a good time and would definitely do it again. They return to the Track at Washington March 15, 2018.