The purpose of a gap year

Paije King , Reporter

It’s senior year the pressure is on to find out what you want to do and where you’re going for school, but what about the people who are uncertain about the future? An alternative is taking a gap year which is taking a year off from your education to understand yourself better and find out what you really want to do.

There are a lot of misconceptions about taking a gap year after high school, people think you won’t go to school if you take a gap year or that your instructors will look down on you for doing so, sometimes students think that by taking a Gap Year you will be letting down your parents.  Some also feel that taking this time off will make others think they are lazy but this is not the case.

Ultimately a gap year makes you look more mature and driven to succeed because you took a year off to work and find out what you’re passionate about. You can use the year off to volunteer or get prior work experience to see if it really is the right career path for you. Taking a gap year also comes with some disadvantages as well such as getting behind in your studies.

Another disadvantage of waiting to go to school is that you’ll be a year behind your high school friends, but that doesn’t stop you from making new friends. Ultimately taking a gap year gives you the opportunity to go out and experience the real world and it gives you a taste of independence and freedom. For some people a year can turn into them never even going to college at all.

When students get too comfortable with the feeling of no school that they begin to just slip into a life where college no longer becomes an option to them.  

In the end taking a gap year isn’t a terrible idea and while it has some disadvantages it has a lot of advantages.  It all just depends on who you are and what your motives are going into a gap year, it’s very important to stay focused.

 Having the right goals and determination to find what you want to do is what the gap year is all about. Stay focused and keep your priorities straight and the gap year could greatly benefit you.