Fast food jobs are terrible

Cole Hensley, Reporter

During high school, a vast majority of students have a job. Students get these jobs to pay for the things they want and need such as gas, vehicles, insurance, and other expenses. Commonly, these are fast food jobs that are not high paying. Most teenagers work for minimum wage for years without getting a pay raise.

In fast food, a person needs to do a certain job quickly and accurately no matter the circumstance. It is imperative that you get the order correct and make the food in a timely manner. These jobs are perfect for teenagers because they often require no experience and no high school diploma. For this reason, the fast food employee is looked down on by the public.

Customers can either be very civil or act like children. On the bright side of things, some customers are sympathetic and understanding. I have experience working in fast food, for almost three years now, many different employees to customer relations. A good percentage of these encounters are positive. Positive customers understand that the employees are doing their best and do not develop a rude demeanor because they have to wait or there was a mistake when their order was taken.

On the other darker side of the customer spectrum, we have rude and insolent customers. These are the people who scream and throw a fit over a McDouble. I have encountered these types of people on countless occasions. For example, this past Super Bowl Sunday I was working my regular 7-3 shift at McDonald’s. One of my managers had walked out leaving six people including myself operating the store. I was doing my best to deal with complaints and hand out orders, but many of the customers were extremely rude. It was very degrading to be talked to like this while I was serving people their food.

The public can be the worst part about working in fast food. They are exceedingly ungrateful and condescending in most cases. How someone can walk into a place of business and think they own someone is beyond me. These people work and have families just as anyone else does. These are the types of things that make fast food jobs unfavorable.