Cheap prom

Shelby Meade , Reporter

Many students are not generally aware of the cheap and easier alternatives for getting ready for prom. Guys know exactly where to go for the things they need, but girls usually have the most problems because they have to do more to get ready.

Even though most guys get tuxedos and haircuts at the same places there are other alternatives for a cheaper route. Goody’s is a place for a man to get a cheap tux that looks just as fancy as the big name brand tuxedos, you can either rent or buy the tuxedos from Goody’s.

Another essential for a guy to get ready for prom would be a haircut, a man’s haircut can make him look changed. So getting a good haircut is important, you could have someone do it at home. But there are also places that are licensed to do the cut. Walmart has a salon inside that does men’s haircuts for around $12. Attractions is a salon in Princeton that does men’s haircuts around $15.

Girls have to worry about many things to look perfect on this special night. One of the most important things is the dress. Most girls stress hardcore for the perfect dress. But there are cheaper alternatives to looking good in a dress. In Glam and other dress places there are clearance dresses in the back witch are dresses that are from the year prior. Also girls always sell their old dresses on the internet for around $100-$200, and most of them have only been worn once and are in perfect condition. There are also websites and apps that you can get on that have cheaper dresses that still look drop dead.

Hair is another necessity for getting prom ready, Tspa in Evansville is a salon that has beauty school students in it that do your hair at a cheaper cost because they are not yet licensed. They do updos, dyes, cuts, even nails, waxes, eyebrows, makeup, and much more. If you are concerned about going somewhere like this, you shouldn’t be. They have professors helping the whole way through and if there were a mess up the teacher will be the one to fix it and make it right.

Makeup is something else you could be able to cut corners on to make it cheaper on yourself. There are many graduates, and highschool girls that know how to do makeup very well and will charge you around half of what you would pay somewhere else.

Fingernails and toenails being done are not necessarily a necessity when it comes to having them done for prom. In some people’s opinion having them done is very important, and to others it’s not. But if it is something you like having done, like I mentioned before Tspa is a cheap route. Also a lot of the hair salons do them also they just don’t get a lot of business with nails because they are known for hair, but every beautician is licensed to do nails, that is a requirement for being a beautician.  

Some other ways you could get help finding ways to save money for prom would be to put up a post on social media saying you need any of these things you are bound to get many comments from friends helping out. All in all there are many ways that you can cut corners so to say that will help your prom experience be less expensive. Saving money is always a good thing, so why not find some unique ways to make your prom experience perfect.