Tiger Tales

Cheap prom

Shelby Meade, Reporter

March 15, 2018

Many students are not generally aware of the cheap and easier alternatives for getting ready for prom. Guys know exactly where to go for the things they need, but girls usually have the most problems because they have to do more to...

Fast food jobs are terrible

Cole Hensley, Reporter

March 15, 2018

During high school, a vast majority of students have a job. Students get these jobs to pay for the things they want and need such as gas, vehicles, insurance, and other expenses. Commonly, these are fast food jobs that are not...

The purpose of a gap year

Paije King, Reporter

March 15, 2018

It’s senior year the pressure is on to find out what you want to do and where you’re going for school, but what about the people who are uncertain about the future? An alternative is taking a gap year which is taking a ye...

School uniforms

Shai Santos, Reporter

March 15, 2018

On average one in five schools around the US require their students to wear uniforms. Public and private schools have an average of 23% of wearing school uniforms. As reported on Today.com, it states, "The percentage of public schoo...

Cheap dates

Mikayla Cowan, Reporter

March 15, 2018

  A date can be romantic even when there is not much money spent if any. Dates do not have to be expensive, they can cost little to no money. Money shouldn’t be a factor in whether or not a date is a good date or no...

Christmas is about family and religion

Mikayla Cowan, Reporter

December 6, 2017

Christmas isn’t Christmas without family. In my family, our religion is a huge part of Christmas. My family is Catholic, so we go to Christmas Eve mass with my whole family. We take two trips to Kentucky to see our family. ...

Suffocated with Christmas decorations

Nathan Tovar, Reporter

December 6, 2017

First of all… no. We all have seen those houses that go over and beyond when decorating for the holidays. Driving throughout Princeton you can almost see a house like this every time you're out. I understand that when it comes...

Do cops really make us feel safe?

Katelynn Mace, Reporter

December 6, 2017

Welcome to Princeton Community High School, your safe place.  When most people are asked what they feel their safest places to be are they mention firstly, home, and secondly, school.  Here, they are surrounded by their peers a...

Having family game nights during the winter

Katelynn Mace, Reporter

December 6, 2017

During the season, we are met with cold weather and our outside participation drops to none as we enjoy the heated comfort of our homes.  During this time, and in rejoicement of the holidays we set aside our rivalries, differ...

Making the most of the season

Bailee Pierce, Editor-in-chief

December 6, 2017

  The weather and season is a big deciding factor in not only what we wear, but how we smell as well. In the spring and summer, I tend to buy more flowery smells not only for my perfume but also for a room scent. In t...

Save Thanksgiving

Cory Anthony, Reporter

December 6, 2017

  Every year, Thanksgiving becomes less about family and more about the food and the shopping. It is a sad, thing we have to accept the fact. In most instances, people sit and eat and leave. The day is not filled with fami...

Students should focus on treats, not tricks

Carter Birch, Reporter

October 1, 2017

Every year around Halloween, students seem to think it is a smart idea to go and TP-ing a house or egg it. Not only is the act immature, it is also illegal. Yet students still take the risk of getting in trouble just to throw...

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